What we do

We help organisations and companies apply insights for better strategic decision making and collective dialogue.


Insights and research is a key driver of Andani.Africa that assists our community and clients in making informed decisions when investing in creative and cultural industries in Africa.Our insight and research methodology is based on bringing together African knowledge systems and contextual understanding, data engineering technologies, economy and ecosystems.

Up-to-date creative industries economy data remains one of the biggest challenges in Southern Africa. Whilst there are pockets of research, and in most cases country specific research, very little information exists that gives a macro understanding of the impact of creative economy in Southern Africa. Andani.Africa Southern Africa Creative Industries Research reports seek to understand the future trajectory of creative industries, paying particular attention to competitive advantage sectors with high impact potential for job creation and economic contribution. Examining consumption and consumer behaviour and trade of cultural goods and services, and imports and exports. This research will assist creative industries in taking advantage of continental agreements such as the Africa Free Trade Agreement as well as investment opportunities in creative industries.

Content Engagement

Andani.Africa aims to provide thought leadership that develops and advances Cultural and Creative Industries in South Africa, the SADC region and the African continent.

Through creating various platforms for content engagement Andani.Africa will bring key industry stakeholders to the table to discuss areas of interest for the benefit of the greater Creative and Cultural Industries ecosystem.

Andani.Africa is dedicated to growing a data driven conversation for the Creative and Cultural Industries. Through public engagement, dynamic conversation and sharing what we have learned, we believe the sector can only strengthen.

Strategic Advisory Services

Andani.Africa provides solicited, and in some instances unsolicited, Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) strategic advisory services to stakeholders in cultural, creative, and related industries.

The advisory services are based on innovative and unique insights and opinions generated from a combination of systematically updated empirical and theoretical research conducted by experts in the field. Strategic Advisory is packaged in the form of concept papers, statistics, infographics and occasionally full feasibility reports including a combination of all formats. These insights aid institutions and individuals to make informed strategic business, investment, funding, programming and governance decisions. Andani.Africa works with its clients in response to a fast changing creative economy in the context of increased global focus on Africa as well as the hyped 4th Industrial Revolution.

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