13 Mar, 2022
Kwasha! Bridging the gap for young creatives

Andani.Africa, in collaboration with Institut Francais (IFAS) and the Market Theatre Foundation undertook an impact evaluation in 2021 to understand the degree to which the Kwasha! programme is achieving its intended impacts. The findings point to great learnings in how to bridge the gap between creative education and professional work!

Kwasha! was launched in 2018 in partnership with Windybrow Arts Centre, Market Theatre Laboratory as a theatre company project that seeks to develop theatre practitioners in South Africa. Kwasha! is a theatre company that gives a year’s worth of professional experience to emerging actors, as well as a stipend and professional exposure to enable space and time for young practitioners develop skills and capacities towards being professionals in the sector. As such Kwasha! serves as a bridging company between education at the Market Theatre Laboratory and professional work.

Kwasha! is making a difference and the data proves it!

Their experiences point to the potential for intentional strategies for youth career development in the creative sector that also have the potential for financial sustainability. These include professional skills development, network building, and self driven work experience development. Importantly, this also relies on the experience, networks and expertise of knowledgeable professional institutions to lead this access.


See a summary of our findings below:

By Andani Africa