Chenesai, a Shona word which translates to “to clarify| shed light,” is a threefold brand entity located in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. A fast-rising global brand that houses a fashion anthropology portfolio (Chenesai Clothing and King K ‘Pants Brothers’). It also houses a community upliftment portfolio that is driven by an International Trade and Investment Law in Africa focus. The brand is a confluent production that is a personal reflection of the multi-faceted founder Chenesai Noreen Mukora-Mangoma.

An Afro fusion musician and an advertising creative.

A start up company doing Search Engine Optimisation , Search Engine Marketing , Web Design, Graphic Design and Social Media Marketing. We can do Content Planning and Content Marketing

Here to meet your unmet needs that will make you relevant in this era of social media.We live creativity so “chill we’ve got this!” Oops forgot, we do creative consultancy, design and everything digital marketing.

ubuntu arts is a perfoming arts company which was founded by bruce dzingayi geza and robert tinotenda january in 2012.up to date ubuntu arts has won several awards most notably the role of honours award.from the capetown fringe in 2016.ubuntu arts uses dance ,music,puppetry and 2016/2017ubuntu arts won the best production at one capetown most prominent arts festival the zabalaza theatre festival.

The word ‘bizani’ is translated to mean ‘call’ in Ndebele or Zulu. To call is to “cry out to (someone) in order to summon them or attract their attention”. That is the inspiration behind Bizani Media Productions. We are a media production and content creation company that helps to tell stories with visual content that engages, educates and activates audiences by pushing the boundaries of storytelling. The content we create helps our clients to call out for attention by achieving their brand penetration, digital footprint, advertising and strategic communications needs.

We are a Zimbabwean formed and based record label that is setup to provide a complete range of services for artists at novice level all the way up to professional level. We have developed a level of proficiency that allows us to create on a very broad spectrum to to cater for the numerous genres being produced in Zimbabwe and beyond borders. Our aim is to continue to create a ground breaking sounds that will break new ground for our local artists and influence a new wave of an entertainment experience the world over.

Zimbabwean formed and based record label set up to provide production services for local and international artists and corporate. We service artists in various genres and we are constantly working on creating new sounds and artists to introduce with the intention to transform the face of the industry in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Concept development and management consultant.

Chairman at MadeinafricaZWE Concepts Management

COO at TechDev (The Development Team)

Chief Designer at Hellana Ltd

Zimdance/Pop musician