Leveraging Data Power
for the Creative
Economy in Africa.

Andani.Africa leverage data power for
innovative solutions based on industry data
analysis and trend forecasting expertise.

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Andani.Africa is a research, insights, and startegic advisory company specialising in the creative and cultural industries. It was formed in 2016 out of a need to strengthen research approaches that address knowledge-gaps in the understaning of Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) in Africa. Andani.Africa works within the intersection of tradition and culture that we like to call Data Humanism: African forms of storytelling that share insights and knowledge in the tradition of the oral histories of our forebears, and the technological advances afforded us by new digital forms of data analysis and visualisation, harnessing AI for African creating industries knowledge production.

Cultural and Creative Industries Mapping

Andani.Africa is undertaking a long term project to map the ecosystems of the cultural and creative industries on the Africa continent. You can help us by sharing any information you have

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